Share your testimony and message if you have been blessed by Jojo Immanuel-Lawson

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  1. I am touched and blessed, listening to your music and how God is using you to raise souls for his kingdom.
    I totally enjoyed your last event which I attended.

  2. I’m glad to be connected to the anointing deposit upon your life. One thing I know about anointing is that it’s tangible and transferable.
    Sure i’ve been blessed by this within the few days I followed you.
    You are unwittingly an encouragement to many.

  3. A beautiful heart connection! Your sound is light, crisp, and direct lifting minds and spirits. Thank you Jojo for your dedication. May God continue to richly bless and filll you with His wisdom and grace.

  4. What an awesome time in His presence at the launch! Minister Jojo I was truly blessed by your pure praise & worship on Saturday. I have been playing your album over & over again. The Lord has definitely spoken upon every areas of your life. Thank you for being a blessing to His kingdom, selfless and humble. God bless you

  5. WOW!!!!
    What shall we say unto these things.?? This is indeed the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our eyes.
    The Lord has surely spoken.
    Glory be to God for seeing us through the live recording.
    What a night it was, what an atmosphere it was, what an experience it was.
    Those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ll urge you to pray fervently for the DVD to be come out soon.
    Please there are still some CDs available. Kindly contact Mr Jojo Immanuel Lawson and grab a copy and be a blessing to him.

    God bless you Minister Jojo Immanuel Lawson. You’re such a blessing.
    Keep on keeping on touching the heart of God through your ministry.

    May God take you further beyond your wildest imagination.

  6. Mr Jojo Immanuel Lawson, you’re such a blessing to the body of Christ and I for one I’m so blessed to know you.
    You’re so down to earth and very humble.
    It is my prayer for you that, He who has started this good work in you will see it to a completion.
    More grace, more grace.
    May God take you further beyond your wildest imagination.
    You’ll be celebrated by the entire universe.

  7. Minstrel Jojo,
    I thank the Lord for how malleable you have been to the great potter and also for His use. Through out the years, the hand of God has been evident and strong upon your life and ministry as an instrument of the Great God! I am excited about the move of God in your life and the next chapter He is about to take you on. Keep your focus and watch God do what He is best at. Ever blessing.

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