A very powerful word and state of mood or circumstance which is undesirable but yet exhibited and expressed when surrounded with things unwanted and disheartening.

29 August, 2022 (8:31AM)
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Stating the obvious, this underrated death sentence and silent killing emotional defect within the world today, “loneliness”. A very powerful word and state of mood or circumstance which is undesirable but yet exhibited and expressed when surrounded with things unwanted and disheartening. The initial thought of loneliness sends sympathetic signals to an outsider, seemly degrading the character and persona of the individual. This state is not to be taken lightly as it forms part of a crucial cross road experience either leading to a good ending or a bad ending.

I call this Positive Loneliness and Negative Loneliness. For this requires an immediate attention and care to allow clear guidance, direction, counsel and love. Negative loneliness, is when life has thrown its’ bitter and tasteless misfortunes at you by way of making you feel reserved and detached from your surroundings. Loneliness is a very painful and mind draining experience, yet many people suffer from this in silence with frustration by preserving the person’s integrity without betrayal and disrespect. This feels like being in a room with no ventilation then holding up to the position where you become incapable of holding any longer.

When you are lonely, you become heavily emotional in most cases but in a discreet manner. Most negative loneliness begins from within whereby the surroundings play a vital contribution to that effect and feelings. The pain becomes unbearable and this shuts you down to ground zero feeling an utter rejection within yourself and amongst all. The causes of loneliness varies from broken trust, loss of love ones, sickness, joblessness, child birth problems, broken homes, betrayals, disrespect, fear, disappointments and rejection. Living in this state can only be explained and expressed by the individual in question. At this state, condemnation is not the correct approach to rectifying the underlying factor, for no one choses to be lonely in a state as this. The unforeseen circumstances of life degrade and overshadow the personality and confidence of the person. The internal pain is very excruciating when you harbour it within, which becomes terminal and eventually opens the door to illness.

The question is, who can you trust and who will understand and believe you genuinely? No person will deliberately bring this upon themselves to trigger a slow suicidal approach to bottle themselves, for everyone deserves genuine happiness in life. Dealing with this can be addressed with true love and speaking to the appropriate people with a real and honest understanding of the cause to bring a solution. Naturally, how can a building or a structure survive the test of storms and atrocious weathers conditions without the foundation firmly rooted and built to withstand climate changes. For example, a solution is attending a Doctor’s appointment for examination. First of all, there are background checks carried out to ascertain the true root cause of the illness and this is dealt with from the roots. A management program is put in place for further checks out, to totally eradicate the problem.

The ideal help is required, incorporated with prayers and trusted counsel, for no prayer goes unanswered when it is prayed in the will of God. Positive Loneliness is when life may appear fast and you need a break to recoup or have a break from the regular activities of life to be away from everyone. It is usually said “Pictures are better developed in the dark rooms“, this allows the development of the images to go through the metamorphoses and cycles of purification and perfection needed to the final picture. Most cars require regular service checks from the road to allow a better longevity, so do humans allowing time for reflection and clarity of direction to safe guard the future. Personal evaluation of life cannot be carried out when you have external voices speaking when the scripted blue print for your destiny is unburden to them like you feel.

Make personal choices for your future based on the will of God. Waiting increases your strength for the journey. Be the sole responsible driver for your choice of loneliness and quietness in your life, for God chooses to speak with you alone and further display his miraculous works in the open. Let nothing take your life and happiness away from you. Personal reflection brings clarity to the future. God is always near when we call on Him, you are not alone.

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