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My Brother Jojo is a man of many talents and giftings given to him by divine providence. Your Committment and Zeal when it comes to kingdom work and agenda is second to non. My Prayer for you always is this: Never move away from who you are because that is what attracted some of us to you and your ministry. You know that I will always be there spiritually and physically to support in the best I can by Gods grace : but let your dependency be unto our GOD, very paramount. I leave with this BIBLE VERSE :The kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost-ROMANS 14:17...
God keep you in perfect peace. Set your mind on things above and not beneath. And he who have started a good work in you will bring it to a successful end.
God blessings to you Minister Jojo.

Yaw Asihene

My Spiritual Father

Dear Uncle Jojo or should I say Prophet Jojo. Thank you for the support you have always given me throughout my life knowingly or unknowingly. I appreciate your prayers and thank you for inspiring me to be the drummer I am today. Its through YOU that I love drumming. God Knew what he was doing but I didn't realise that YOU were one of my DESTINY HELPERS. So THANK YOU so much and continue your good work.
God bless you always.
Love from your spiritual daughter Faith ????????????????????????

Faith Opoku-addo

A man with a heart of Gold

Minister Jojo’s impact and life as man of God is uncommon in our time, one would hardly leave the the same if you should ever share fellowship with him! He is loaded with the word and knowledge plus life’s unsteady experiences, his is unique in every sphere possible, ! A pure heart for God! May God continually bless you Sir

Eric Dickson

The Great Potter

Minstrel Jojo, I thank the Lord for how malleable you have been to the great potter and also for His use. Throughout the years, the hand of God has been evident and strong upon your life and ministry as an instrument of the Great God! I am excited about the move of God in your life and the next chapter He is about to take you on. Keep your focus and watch God do what He is best at. Ever blessing.

Faith Sena Seanehia

You’re so down to earth and very humble

Mr Jojo Immanuel Lawson, you’re such a blessing to the body of Christ and I for one I’m so blessed to know you. You’re so down to earth and very humble. It is my prayer for you that, He who has started this good work in you will see it to a completion. More grace, more grace. May God take you further beyond your wildest imagination. You’ll be celebrated by the entire universe.

Raymond Adulley


WOW!!!! What shall we say unto these things.?? This is indeed the Lord’s doing and it’s marvellous in our eyes. The Lord has surely spoken. Glory be to God for seeing us through the live recording. What a night it was, what an atmosphere it was, what an experience it was. Those of you who couldn’t make it, I’ll urge you to pray fervently for the DVD to be come out soon. Please there are still some CDs available. Kindly contact Mr Jojo Immanuel Lawson and grab a copy and be a blessing to him. God bless you Minister Jojo Immanuel Lawson. You’re such a blessing. Keep on keeping on touching the heart of God through your ministry. May God take you further beyond your wildest imagination.

Raymond Adulley

His presence

What an awesome time in His presence at the launch! Minister Jojo I was truly blessed by your pure praise & worship on Saturday. I have been playing your album over & over again. The Lord has definitely spoken upon every areas of your life. Thank you for being a blessing to His kingdom, selfless and humble. God bless you.

Efe Ilori

A beautiful heart connection

A beautiful heart connection! Your sound is light, crisp, and direct lifting minds and spirits. Thank you Jojo for your dedication. May God continue to richly bless and fill you with His wisdom and grace.

Ayesha Casely-Hayford

You are unwittingly an encouragement

I’m glad to be connected to the anointing deposit upon your life. One thing I know about anointing is that it’s tangible and transferable. Sure I’ve been blessed by this within the few days I followed you. You are unwittingly an encouragement to many.

Richard Ukwunna

Last Event

I am touched and blessed, listening to your music and how God is using you to raise souls for his kingdom. I totally enjoyed your last event which I attended.

Gifty Adu

Speak Lord

This album speaks and clearly stems from the heart of a true worshipper. The music clearly flows from a vessel that loves His maker. A vessel that has walked with His master, the King of King, Jesus Christ, by sacrifice. Its authenticity is heard and felt in every string and in every word. Every sound echoes a deep love for the author’s maker. It’s an album like no other. It takes you right into a true heart worship experience. Minister Jojo Immanuel-Lawson, your kind is rare. Christendom celebrates you. God bless you for this glorious sounds of worship. It’s truly a blessing.

Lady Pastor Akosua AA

Speak Lord

As a music critic, I was amazed at how I enjoyed this album “Speak Lord”. Audio quality, lyrical clarity, instrumental dexterity and Holy Ghost anointing presented in such a spirit of simplicity. Great work, Minister Jojo. More grace to you.

Derek Aggrey-Solomon

Worshipping the LORD

Minister Jojo, worshipping the LORD with you in The Solid Foundation Chapel in Santa Clarita, CA was an inspirational event. We have learnt a lot from your praying and spiritual style. The sermons were powerful and have challenged me to get a spiritual upgrade. It was a pleasure and honour to participate in the three-day program. Your personal life experiences have touched our hearts. May God fully strengthen you in the good work through Jesus Christ as you travel across the world. My family and I look forward to meeting you again when you "invite yourself" back next year.

Charles A.

Speak Lord

Indeed the Lord did speak in so many ways in my life and after listening to the cd I began to have a closer relationship with God like never before. Bro Jojo your passion for Christ is unbelievable you just keep inspires me every day.

Thank God your cd comes with a pen as that pen has been my blessing tool for writing my own songs.

I ask for more grace in your life IJN Amen

Julie Ajayi

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