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Servant Of Christ

International Gospel Singer, Speaker, Author, Missionary, Radio Presenter, MC/Master Of Ceremonies

Support Jojo Immanuel-Lawson with your heart felt donation


Support Jojo Immanuel-Lawson with your heart felt donation


God takes all the Glory and Christ is Exalted


My Bio


Jojo Immanuel-Lawson is nothing less than an anointed, dedicated, truly inspirational and a passionate servant of Christ. His first aspiration for music began in his youth, where he started playing instruments for his local church. Influenced by his thirst for the gospel, soul-winning, and revival, he kept the pace with those more experienced in music than he was. His love for music and mentoring developed rapidly as he became skilful in playing musical instruments, but he did not stop there.

He has travelled and ministered in music and the Word of God before live audiences for over 35 years in few countries across continents such as Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Holland, Ireland, Brazil, Philippines, Ghana, United States of America and in over 200 churches across the United Kingdom.

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29 August, 2022


Many say dreams are mysterious, unreal, serve no real purpose, and are untrue. My first question is: what do you say about dreams?

29 August, 2022


A very powerful word and state of mood or circumstance which is undesirable but yet exhibited and expressed when surrounded with things unwanted and disheartening.

29 August, 2022

Faith in God

The fundamental truth about Christianity is faith. To understand God and be able to walk in his ways, you will need to apply faith in your relationship with God and life.

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